IU Diversity Pledge

Indiana University is proud to support diversity in all forms. From gender and racial identity, socioeconomic class, ability, military status, and age to religion and political ideology, to name just a few, diversity allows us to gain new experiences, insights, and perspectives. By taking the pledge below, you commit yourself to be aware of your own and others' biases and take a stand against those privileges. You pledge to become an ally and accomplice in working with individuals who experience social injustices. You pledge to have a lifestyle where you embody these ideals every day and work to improve yourself and others.

I Pledge to...

  • To be aware of the bias in my language.
  • To never assume the race, sexuality, gender, or disability status of those I meet.
  • To be aware of the privileges I have and use them in service of those who do not.
  • To call out bias incidents and take the appropriate steps to report them.
  • To never be content, to keep learning and growing wherever I can.
  • To be better than I was yesterday.
  • Ryan Anderson
  • Deb Arney
  • Laura Bain-Selbo
  • Max Baker
  • David Bawi
  • Jeremy Bennett
  • Elizabeth Blevins
  • Felita Bradford
  • Jennifer Brass
  • Erin Brown
  • G. David Caudill
  • Daniela Cook
  • Angela Covele
  • Sydney Eccles
  • Kathy Finley
  • Laury Flint
  • Sara Frommer
  • Tina Garrison
  • Carolyn Gentle-Genitty
  • Joi Harmon
  • Sofia Hay
  • Candace Hilderbrand
  • Farel Hruska
  • Tracy James
  • Thomas Janson
  • Sarah Johnson LaBarbera
  • Ta-Kisha Jones
  • Megan Lisch
  • Gwen McCay
  • Marie Metelnick
  • Rebekah Monroe
  • Cassie Morales
  • Ladaysha Mullins
  • Laverne Nishihara
  • Randall Nixon
  • Margaret Obasi
  • Eliza Pavalko
  • Josh Perry
  • Kaylene Peters
  • Danielle Pulliam
  • Roberta Radovich
  • Kymberly Robinson
  • Ian Robinson
  • YNesha Schaffer
  • Shelby Smith
  • Patrick Smith
  • Winona Snapp-Childs
  • Beth Steward
  • Ann Tobin
  • Amy Todd
  • Michelle Turner
  • Jennifer Turrentine
  • James Underwood
  • Rick Van Kooten
  • April Wason
  • Zachary Wilson
  • Lisa Wolf
  • Oakley yoder
  • Eden Yoder
  • Shelli Yoder

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Anti-Racism at Indiana University

As the world changes, it requires us to continually reevaluate how we live up to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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