Data, Reports, and Plans

Admissions and enrollment updates

Admissions and enrollment reports show the diversity in graduate and undergraduate students across Indiana University and its campuses for the fall and spring semesters. Reports include data for sex, race, ethnicity, and residency.

Annual Report

We invite you to explore the state of diversity at Indiana University, via the annual reports compiled by IU’s Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs (OVPDEMA). While OVPDEMA and IU as a whole understand that there is further work to do in order to maintain an environment that is welcoming to all students, we believe significant progress has been made in the areas of diversity and inclusion on each of IU’s campuses. 

2015-16 annual report

2016-17 annual report

2017-18 annual report

2018-19 annual report

2019-20 annual report

IU Diversity Assessment

The IU Diversity Assessment will serve as a baseline measurement for Indiana University in diversity achievement and progress over the last five years for each campus. The goal of the IU Diversity Assessment is to strengthen our efforts for strategic planning university-wide.

Learn more about the IU Diversity Assessment