Faculty-to-Faculty (F2F) Network Mentoring Program (NMP)

The F2F NMP projects a broad vision for faculty mentoring, collaborating with schools/colleges to bring opportunities to form diverse networks. This framework draws on best practices described throughout the vast literature on mentoring. The program allows for matching based on a wide range of characteristics as the mentee determines the nature and scope of operation of the professional relationships.

A pilot program launched in the Spring of 2023 with the College of Arts & Sciences at IU Bloomington, producing 55 mentor and 23 mentee applications. The applications created 17 networks (6 dyad and 11 triad).

Below highlights the area of expertise being sought by faculty mentees.

Order of Importance of Key Characteristics and Areas of Expertise mentioned by Faculty Mentees. (View larger version)

Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)

FLC explores research-based best practices for addressing racial tension in the classroom. Participants discuss the role of implicit bias in the classroom and share strategies that facilitate a positive learning environment for all participants.

The first FLC launched in the spring of 2023 on the IU Bloomington campus. A total of 43 faculty were identified as possible participants, 28 invitations were extended, and 11 (39.3%) of those invited accepted.