Scholar Opportunities

Scholarships for underrepresented and minority students

Even the most promising students face challenges after high school. To support these students, OVPDEMA sponsors scholarships and scholars programs for current and incoming IU students, specifically those from underrepresented and minority backgrounds.

Ryan Perry, Hudson and Holland Scholar

No matter what stage you are or your level of comfort with the university system, OVPDEMA has resources that will help you in some way.

Ryan Perry, Hudson and Holland Scholar

OVPDEMA scholarships

African American Dance Company Dance Workshop scholarship

The African American Dance Company (AADC) 20th Annual Dance Workshop, hosted at Indiana University Bloomington, exposes students to dance and music from the perspective of the African American and African diaspora through master classes, performances, and enlightening discussions. High school students (grades 9–12) are eligible to apply for scholarships funding the two-day workshop registration fees.

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Bruce Shuck Family Native American Scholarship

The Bruce Shuck Family Native American Scholarship is for undergraduate and graduate Native American students who demonstrate financial need. Students do not have to be officially recognized with a tribe to receive the scholarship, however, they should be prepared to write about their tribal affiliation and background.

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Carrie Parker Taylor Scholarship

The Carrie Parker Taylor Scholarship is named after the first African American woman to enroll at IU. Applicants must be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior and a participant within OVPDEMA programs (such as 21st Century, FASE, Groups Scholars Program, or Hudson and Holland Scholars Program). Priority will be given to first-generation college students with demonstrated financial need.

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Charlie and Jeanetta Nelms Bloomington Campus Scholarship

The Charlie and Jeanetta Nelms scholarship seeks to support Incoming fall 2018 freshman on the Bloomington campus from Indianapolis public school or Gary, Indiana public school system are invited to apply. Priority will be given to students majoring in education, nursing, informatics or life sciences. This scholarship is renewable for up to four years with the maintenance of a 2.75 GPA and letter of reference from an academic advisor or faculty member.

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James D. Fielding Student Advocate Training Award 

The Fielding Student Advocacy and Leadership Fund supports travel to attend leadership development events related to LGBTQ+ issues, or the development and hosting of IU-based workshops and/or advocacy training for IU Bloomington students on such topics. Travel awards will be determined by the LGBTQ+ Culture Center staff.

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Joon Park Student Leadership Scholarship

The Joon Park Student Leadership Scholarship awards one IU undergraduate student $1,000 to attend a conference or workshop focused on community engagement or community advocacy, or to attend an academic or professional development workshop. Special preference will be given to an undergraduate student who has been invited to present his or her work at a conference, or who has shown leadership experience on campus.

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Judy and Inez Reece Scholarship for LGBTQ+ Wellness

The Reece Scholarship for LGBTQ+ Wellness is designated to support self-identified trans students, self-identified LGBTQ+ students, and students who have volunteered or advocated for LGBTQ+ issues at IU Bloomington. 

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Oak and Johnson Scholarship Program

The Oak and Johnson Undergraduate Scholarship Program will support underrepresented students, including but not limited to financially challenged students and/or students with diverse cultural experiences desiring a career in real estate. Preferred scholarship recipients include African Americans, females, and/or American Indians, and scholarship recipients will come from: Indianapolis Public School District in honor of Joyce Rogers, Jackson Mississippi Public Schools in honor of Congressman Bennie Thompson, and Warrensville Ohio Public Schools in honor of Congresswoman Marcia Fudge.

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OVPDEMA Study Abroad Scholarship

OVPDEMA’s Study Abroad Scholarship assists students in covering some of the costs associated with international study, up to $4,000. The office strongly encourages students to seek additional funding sources for study abroad programs.

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Payne-Stone Scholarship 

The Payne-Stone Scholarship seeks to support especially women who identify as lesbian, and who may have experienced financial hardship as a result of lack of family support. Consideration will be given to LGBTQ+ self-identified graduate or undergraduate students from underrepresented populations, including students with diverse cultural experiences.

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Reverend Dr. Ernest D. Butler Humanitarian Scholarship

The Reverend Dr. Ernest D. Butler Humanitarian Scholarship assists incoming or currently enrolled full-time students with a demonstrated commitment to religious and community involvement. Special consideration will be given to underrepresented populations, including but not limited to financially challenged students, and/or those with diverse cultural backgrounds. The scholarship will be renewable for up to four years for undergraduate students, and up to 3 years for graduate students.

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Won-Joon Yoon Scholarship

The Won-Joon Yoon Scholarship awards students whose academic, professional, and personal accomplishments and goals exhibit tolerance, understanding, and commitment to service.

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Chantel White, Groups Scholar

I look at my Groups advisor like a father figure. He really wants what’s best for me.

Chantel White, Groups Scholar

Scholars programs

21st Century Scholars Program

The 21st Century Scholars Program provides students with a wide array of support activities and services, including academic tutoring, peer mentoring, and workshops on financial aid and overseas study.

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Groups Scholars Program

The Groups Scholars Program provides first-generation and low-income students with the information, support, and guidance necessary to achieve personal growth and academic success.

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Herbert Presidential Scholars Program

The Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars Program offers Indiana’s top high school graduates four-year renewable scholarships to attend any of IU’s eight campuses throughout the state. Funded by the Lilly Endowment, this scholars program supports up to 40 incoming Indiana University freshmen who are designated Herbert Presidential Scholars each year.

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Hudson and Holland Scholars Program

The Hudson and Holland Scholars Program recruits, retains, and prepares students with outstanding records of academic achievement, leadership, and commitment to social justice. These students enhance the diversity and excellence of IU.

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OVPDEMA’s Study Abroad Program 

The Study Abroad Program from OVPDEMA assists students in covering some of the costs associated with international study. Students in any of these groups are eligible to apply: 21st Century Scholars, Groups Scholars, Hudson and Holland Scholars, OVPDEMA-funded tutors in the Academic Support Center, and mentors in the Office of Mentoring Services and Leadership Development.

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