Verbally De-Escalate

How can we quickly and effectively diffuse difficult situations and start problem solving? De-escalation techniques are one such method.

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Strategies to Prevent Hate Crimes in Communities

A hate crime often creates an opportunity for a community’s first dialogue on race, gender identity, or religious intolerance. These discussions can help bridge the gap between neighborhoods and law enforcement. Many people want to do something; they just need a little push.

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10 Ways to Fight Hate

Every act of hatred should be met with an act of love and unity. Many communities facing a hate group rally have held alternative events at the same hour, some distance away, emphasizing strength in community and diversity. These events include forums, parades, and unity fairs featuring speakers, food, music, exhibits, and entertainment. Such gatherings also give people a safe outlet for the frustration and anger they want to vent.

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